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Grounds for Murder

A Jeannie Wolfert-Lang Mystery

280 pages
Ecw Press

Jeannie is in trouble. After the loss of her husband, everyone around her is pressuring her to leave her precious farm, including an incredibly persistent realtor who won’t name her client. But when that realtor ends up dead, killed by mistake when she borrows Jeannie’s car, it becomes clear that her client won’t take no for an answer. Who wants Jeannie’s land so badly that they are willing to kill her for it? And why her farm when there are plenty around her for sale? To find the answer, Jeannie joins forces with off-duty cop Derek and finds refuge with the young back-to-the-land tenants who rent a section of her farm. Set in her ways at 60, Jeannie must learn to open her mind — and her heart — in her quest to find the killer, all while grappling with ghosts from her past and wrestling with the question of land transfer and ownership. Will the next generation love her farm as intensely as she does? And will she survive long enough to find out?

Author Bio

Betty Ternier Daniels lives with her husband, Doug, and their cat, Diesel, on her family farm in Cochin, northwest Saskatchewan. Like her protagonist, she has two adult children and is a member of the National Farmers Union. She previously taught English as a sessional instructor for the University of Saskatchewan. She is working on a sequel to Grounds for Murder.