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One Pedal at a Time

48 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
One Pedal at a Time is a heartwarming story full of curiosity, a little self doubt and a sprinkling of bravery. Parker takes us along for the ride as he navigates through the emotions of overcoming the challenges of learning a new skill, showing that with grit and determination you really can achieve anything. Come on the journey with Parker to discover new found freedom and adventure one pedal at a time.
Author Bio
Sean Pointing =============

Sean Pointing is a proud father of two. After growing up in England, he explored the world until settling on the blue skies and beautiful surf beaches of Sydney, Australia. As a child Sean loved nothing more than riding his bike, going on adventures and dreaming up new characters to draw. Since then Sean has travelled as a sponsored BMX rider, become an award-winning animator, having animated for a prime minister, the Vatican and TedX. His best adventure yet has been becoming a Dad and after making many memories reading story books to his own boys, he now hopes to inspire parents and their children to be brave, bold and ride like the wind.