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Squirrel Takes the Cake

40 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
Chocolate is Squirrel’s favourite cake, and he wants to gobble up all the pieces for himself. But his greediness turns his friends against him – and gives him a tummy ache! How can Squirrel fix this problem he’s created?
Author Bio
Dr Danielle Camer =================

Dr Danielle Camer is a multi-award-winning professional writer and author from Wollongong, Australia, who has previous careers in medical research and university teaching. She has presented at leading national and international conferences, been published in international journals, and received several awards for outstanding teaching and academic performance. Danielle specialises in marketing and advertising for global pharmaceutical brands. Her first picture book, “Sophie Won’t Sleep”, has received international recognition for excellence in literature, including winning 10 book awards since its publication in 2021, and has featured on a billboard in Times Square NYC. When she isn’t writing, Danielle enjoys spending time with her family, visiting her local beach, and travelling. Danielle’s Aunty in England once had her pencil stolen by a squirrel.

Maia Batumashvili =================

Maia Batumashvili was born in Tiblisi, Georgia in 1978. Since a young age, Maia has loved to draw and is inspired by the children's books and cartoons she grew up with. After graduating from two art institutes, Maia worked on an animation project before finally realising her dream of illustrating children's books. When Maia is not creating imaginative worlds, she enjoys spending time with her three beautiful children and her dog, Tayo.