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The Quiet Pirate

32 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
Barnaby is the cabin boy for a crew of infamous and noisy pirates. Poor Barnaby can’t even yell from the crow’s nest, so the other pirates tease him. One day, while they’re celebrating a treasure haul with an extremely loud party, something truly terrible happens to the rest of the crew... This is a rollicking pirate adventure about a not-so-ordinary pirate. He likes books, has a quiet voice and is not a bragging bully. He shows us that sometimes it is better to watch, listen and think than it is to shout, stomp and swagger.
Author Bio
Stephanie Thatcher ==================

Stephanie Thatcher is an author and illustrator residing in Auckland, New Zealand. After working as a librarian for seven years she completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Auckland University of Technology and began working in graphic design. As well as being a mum to her three boys, she has maintained a freelance career in graphic design, motion graphics, and illustration work.