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The Ribbit-Ribbit Pond

36 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
The Ribbit-Ribbit Pond tells the story of a group of Croac-Croac frogs and their arrival at the Ribbit-Ribbit Pond. Concerned about their “otherness,” one Ribbit-Ribbit frog describes how exotic the newcomers are. But after spending time with them, the main character realises that the Croac-Croac frogs and the Ribbit-Ribbit frogs are quite similar. The Ribbit-Ribbit Pond then becomes an intercultural place where all frogs can coexist, regardless of their physical and linguistic differences. The values of respect, openness, and curiosity and discovery are transmitted to children through this story, which are essential to the development of their intercultural communicative competence.
Author Bio
Ivan Parra Gonzalez ===================

Ivan Parra Gonzalez currently resides in Australia, where he works as an English teacher. Originally from Talca, Chile, Ivan graduated from Universidad Católica del Maule and later gained a Master's degree in Crosscultural and Applied Linguistics at The University of Sydney. Literature and education have always been Ivan's passions, and through this, he has written a book that parents and teachers around the world can use to promote the values children need in today's globalised, multicultural world.

Garin Adi S. ============

Garin Adi S. is an Indonesian illustrator who specialises in creating charming childlike illustrations. With a portfolio brimming with delightful characters and vibrant worlds, Garin has developed his distinctive style by working on a variety of different picture book projects. His talent lies in capturing the innocence and wonder of childhood, bringing stories to life with their playful and captivating illustrations.