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Birdy's Tale of a Story

36 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
"Birdy's Tale of a Story" is a book that encourages children to write, conceptualise or illustrate a story. The book's aim, with some assistance from our heroine "Birdy" and her faithful Cavoodle "George", is to help organise a child's thoughts and ideas when structuring a narrative. This book focuses on the basic elements that comprise a good story: setting, characters, problem, climax, and resolution.
Author Bio
Sally Small ===========

Sally Small is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. She has been a creative professional for over 15 years and has an established portfolio in print, web, illustration & brand design. Having worked as a freelance designer, with agencies, small businesses, government departments and as part the of marketing team in large corporate businesses, Sally has developed a strong understanding of brand communication, problem solving and how to deliver clear messages. She has a great passion for books and a particular interest in designing and illustrating for children literature.