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Norman Blue

I’m A Cocky, Too

44 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
Norman Blue badly wants to fit in, but he has a secret: he has no crest like the other cockatoos. He tries to do all the things cockatoos do: screeching when he’d rather sing, preening vainly, munching on houses, and even launching poo. But when he loses his fake crest one day, he meets a unique possum and realizes that he can have the courage to be who he is, too. In this charmingly illustrated story about difference and bravery, readers will learn the power of self-acceptance.
Author Bio
Laura Albulario===============

Laura Albulario is a Sydney-based journalist who thinks every human – and animal – has a quirky side and a story to tell. When she isn’t daydreaming about the secret lives of birds, she can be found adventuring outdoors with her husband Jonathan, their two little boys Xavier and Jonah, and a rescue dog called Oliver.

Abi Fraser==========

Abi Fraser developed her vibrant, personality-rich style with paint, pencil and ink beneath her fingernails. The British Sydney-based designer and illustrator has since taken her original flair into the digital realm. From national newspapers and magazines, to charity exhibitions, Abi’s illustrations have been widely published and displayed. A prolific creator, Abi always has a project in flight, which, quite often, involves a loveable bird or two.