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The Grass Giant

40 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
The rumble of Mrs. Smith’s lawnmower sends the little grass people in her lawn running in search of a new life without human constraint and order. Holding hands, the little grass people transform into an enormous grass giant. The gentle giant must rush through city streets, weaving between buildings and hiding under bridges, until it reaches a faraway forest. Here, the grass people can truly be themselves and let their green locks grow in this quirky and imaginative tale with gorgeously detailed color pencil illustrations.
Author Bio
Wenze Wang ==========

Although Wenze Wang was born in China, he does not know kung fu. Instead, he is often a bit confused because he is constantly immersed in the stories he imagines. He moved to the country, where he could grow vegetables and raise chickens, but his chickens never laid eggs. It was only a year later that he discovered all his chickens were roosters. He likes raising chickens and also telling stories.

Lijun Ma ========

Lijun Ma once rode a little witch’s broom and flew to the clouds, and she also visited the mouth of a blue whale. She is very familiar with animals in the forest. Sometimes when she is tired, she will rest at an animal’s home. When she wakes up, she will take out her brush and paint the stories from her dreams. She likes drawing and also daydreaming.