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Mali's Magical Day

36 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
Mali wishes to have a real adventure outside the comfort of his home, but he is unsure. With the help of a magical wind, he is drawn outside to experience the world through sounds, smell, and feel before being transported to a magical place, where he meets a monkey who needs help being brave, too. This whimsical journey, with simple and charming digital collage illustrations, is a story about finding the courage to step outside one’s comfort zone and shows how a child can find confidence through exploration and being independent, plus the strength to help others who lack confidence. While Mali is sight-impaired, this is not a story about disability but one that normalizes disability in a fun story that all children will relate to.
Author Bio
Victoria Byron==============

Victoria Byron lives in the UK with her husband and two children. She was an art teacher before obtaining an MA in Children’s Book Illustration and becoming a full-time illustrator. One of Victoria’s earliest memories is looking up into an old apple tree and seeing a face on the markings of a tiny apple. The rest of her childhood was spent outdoors inventing characters from snails, leaves and acorns, which has helped her create children’s stories.