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Elena's Shells

30 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
Elena is a baby Tapir with a taste for shiny, colorful seashells. She loves gathering them until, one day, a sneaky shell escapes from her impressive collection. Elena chases it all over the beach and, with a sneaky trick, captures it right before it enters the ocean. Lo and behold, the shell is the home of a hermit crab who needs it more than she does. Elena steals the shell back but faced guilt and worry about the crab’s fate until she decides to be kind and share in this story about greed and compassion.
Author Bio
Rose Robbins============

Rose Robbins is a children’s book author and illustrator currently residing in Nottingham, United Kingdom. She has been making books since the age of six when she received a stapler for her birthday. In addition to books, Rose makes ceramics, puppets, and felt and soft toys. She can be found either stuck in a story, or thinking about a new story—anything to get out of doing the dishes or the laundry.