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The Debonair Bear

32 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
A debonair and very vain bear lazes atop his lair as the other animals gather around, smiling. He thinks they are admiring his fancy clothes and accessories, but little does he know they are staring for a completely different reason?his bright, spotted underwear is showing! Children will laugh out loud at this amusing story in rhyming verse with quirky animal characters.
Author Bio
Richard Turner==============

Richard Turner is an author and Performing Arts teacher in Adelaide South Australia, who supports children’s creative voices through drama and dance. He has directed and choreographed musicals, working with students who can sing and dance way better than he can. Like most people, Richard has to be told to eat his peas, but never has to be told to eat his jellybeans or ice cream. He has been on a skateboard, a rollercoaster, an elephant and a camel. He has also been on a spaceship to the moon, but only in his dreams!

Deborah Sheehy==============

Born in Glasgow, Deborah Sheehy grew up with a longing to wander. So on leaving university she spent some years living in lands near and far, including the Philippines, India and Wales. Inspired by stories old and new and a deep love of creatures of all furs and feathers, Deborah returned to Scotland in 2015 to become a full time artist and children's illustrator.