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A Web for All Seasons

Margaret Tolland Natalie McKinnon

36 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
Little Spider spins her webs all day, each day, until she grows bored and declares she is done with spinning. But through each season, as she seeks the new adventures she desires, she finds spinning a web is necessary. A tale about self-acceptance and appreciation of one’s own gifts, beautifully illustrated with mixed media, with lyrical language that makes it a delightful read-aloud.
Author Bio
Margaret Tolland ================

Margaret Tolland is an artist from New Zealand, whose illustrations are packed with detail. Through her work, get closer to the habitats and lifestyles of the many species, both flora and fauna, that she explores with an eye on environmental education. With twenty years’ experience in visual arts education and working in a gallery, Margaret now illustrates full-time.

Natalie McKinnon ================

Natalie McKinnon is an early childhood educator with over twenty years’ teaching experience in Australia. Natalie also presents environmental workshops for pre-school and elementary audiences. Her workshops encourage children to understand where real food comes from and to develop an understanding of the relationship between their health and the environment.