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The City Dog

Leanne Argent Sally Gould

40 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
When his owner leaves him on a sheep ranch, Sandy the dog must learn how to adjust to country life, including driving sheep and deal with his new unfriendly coworker. This is a story about perseverance in the face of new and unexpected challenges and pride in one’s achievements set in the Australian Outback.
Author Bio
Leanne Argent =============

Leanne Argent realised her passion for illustration when she created a children's book while at high school. The support, encouragement and excitement that followed has led to Leanne illustrating over 50 children's books, mostly in watercolour. Her love for people and the environment are displayed beautifully within her illustrations. 

Sally Gould ===========

When younger, Sally Gould loved imaginary worlds coming to life within books. She would roam the local National Park with her friends, making fairy beds from moss and rubbing stones to make 'gold'. After University, Sally worked as a lawyer, but having children rekindled her love of storytelling. Her sons - responsible, logical, and freewheeling, inspire Sally's stories.