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Hey You!

Kristen Harvey

40 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
Familiar animals model various household chores of the kind that children can learn to do. With bright, appealing illustrations and simple rhyming language, this book encourages participation in jobs around the house and brings out the fun in everyday chores. Picture book, lyrical text, rhythm and rhyme, Life science context: behaviors and characteristics of animals, Story elements: setting: home, plot and character development, point of view: animals, repeated lines, Illustrations enhance meaning and tone, Comprehension strategies: identify rhyming words, chores, animals, cause and effect relationships, and sequence of events. Make text to self connections. Themes: animals, chores.
Author Bio
Kristen Harvey ==============

Kristen Harvey lives in Queanbeyan, Australia, with her husband and son. She has a passion for engaging with people and a background working with children through dance and summer camps. She spends a lot of time reading books with her son, and they enjoy their days exploring outside, dancing, and coming up with songs and rhymes. Kristen is promoting her first children's book, Hey You, which brings out the fun in everyday household chores.