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Lilly's Hike

Carole Aufranc

40 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
Lilly and Billy do everything together and can’t imagine being apart. But when Billy wanders off, Lilly is left alone, distraught, to find her own path. As she listens to nature around her, she finds her way to the mountaintop where she’s reunited with her friend. A whimsically illustrated tale of friendship, perseverance, and hope. Picture book, animal fantasy, story elements: setting: forest, plot and character development, Lilly & Billy, problem and solution, figurative language: metaphor, illustrations enhance meaning and tone, Comprehension strategies: make inferences, predict outcomes, make text to self connections and identify changes from beginning to end of the story. Theme: friendship, becoming independent, patience, determination, hope, people do not grow in comfort
Author Bio
Carole Aufranc ==============

Carole Aufranc was born and raised in Switzerland, where mountains and lakes abound. She firstly got a bachelor in Illustration in Lausanne and graduated from the Cambridge School of Arts, UK, with a MA in Children's Book Illustration. Her love of creating imaginary worlds and characters is why she wanted to become an illustrator to share her comforting universe. Carole draws her inspiration from nature, and her favourite things to draw are vast landscapes with animals. She has the passion for colourful combos, papercuts and fluffy creatures.