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Into the Arctic

Marlene Gerlyng Matthew Long

32 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
During a seemingly normal family trip to the beach, Oliver becomes bored. He decides to get an ice cream, but as he reaches in to grab his favorite flavour, he falls… into an enchanting icy wonderland. Together with his new Arctic animal friends, Oliver explores this magical depiction of the frozen North. A refreshing story that begins and ends on a hot summer day but in between transports readers to an icy wonderland.
Author Bio
Marlene Gerlyng ===============

Marlene Gerlyng wanted to be an illustrator from an early age when she read folktales while growing up in Norway. She moved to England, gaining a BA in Illustration at Falmouth University College. She taught art at foundation level in Norway and ran art courses for young children. Following this, Marlene gained an MA in Children’s Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art.

Matthew Long ============

They say to “write what you know”, so as Matthew Long spends a lot of time accidentally falling into new worlds and riding walruses, trying to find a way home, he writes about things like that. When Matthew is not on make-believe adventures, he goes on real ones: travelling the world; working with children; fixing up an old Victorian terrace in Cambridgeshire; and relaxing in his cottage garden. Matthew has a degree in Film, obtained in Cornwall, England.