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Have You Seen Mr. Robinson?

Arwen Huang

40 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
Anna is a shy, booking-loving girl whose only friends are the characters in her books, but when Grandpa suggests she go outside to play, Anna has trouble talking to the other children. That is until she meets a boy who wants to find a cat named Mr. Robinson. A sweet story about a friendship between two shy, reserved children.
Author Bio
Arwen Huang =========== Arwen Huang was born in Taichung, Taiwan. She studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Taipei National University of Arts. She decided to become an illustrator after studying a Masters in Illustration in the UK. Arwen enjoys drawing people, children, and animals, as well as telling stories. She usually draws by hand and then edits her illustrations digitally. In 2018, her comic BORED was nominated for the Prize for Young Talents at the Angoulême International Comics Festival.