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Josephine Birch

40 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
In a small village by the sea the fishermen are full of tales and myths of monsters, pirates and mermaids, but there is one myth that may be true. On a fine, clear morning the men set sail. Reeling in the nets the youngest of the crew is dragged into the water. Rescued from the depths of the sea by a playful seal, a transformation occurs and a tender friendship is formed. This is a wordless picture book telling the tale of love and friendship across boundaries.
Author Bio
Josephine Birch =============== Josephine Birch grew up in the South West of England, in a tiny terraced house with a garden. She always knew she wanted to work as an artist and with animals, so she studied at the Cambridge School of Art for Illustration and on the “Drawing Year” scholarship at The Royal Drawing School, London. Her Master of Arts in Children’s Book Illustration was obtained from the Cambridge School of Art.