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Is Christ Really the End of The Law?

Another Look at Telos in Romans 10:4

Jeff Seif

200 pages
Messianic Jewish Pub & Res Llc
There are few Pauline statements more controversial and challenging than Romans 10:4, specifically the meaning of the word τέλος, telos. We consider what interpreters have been saying about this verse over many years and then offer our conclusion.
Author Bio
Raised in a Jewish home, Jeff Seif attended Moody Bible Institute and now holds both a master’s and doctorate from Southern Methodist Univ., as well as an educational certificate from Harvard. He retired as University Distinguished Professor of Bible and Jewish Studies at Kings University in Houston. Presently, he is an adjunct professor at Christ for the Nations. He was the project manager of the Tree of Life Bible and now serves as their chief theologian. Barri Seif was also raised in a Jewish home and took a doctorate from Trinity Theological Seminary. She is an associate professor and director of on-line teaching at Grace Christian University. As director of Sar Shalom-Israel, an Israel based not-for-profit, she is involved in reaching out to Jews and Arabs in the Land of Israel.