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Discovering the New Testament

An Introduction to Its Background, Theology, and Themes (Volume I: The Gospels and Acts)

Mark J. Keown

632 pages
Lexham Press
Discovering the New Testament is a new and comprehensive introduction to the New Testament in three volumes, reflecting current research and scholarship in New Testament studies. Each volume provides a thorough discussion of background issues as well as treating theological themes and practical application.

The first volume on the Gospels and Acts covers Jewish and Greco-Roman backgrounds, critical methodologies, the synoptic problem, and surveys each of the four gospels and Acts. It concludes with three chapters that explore the key theme of the kingdom of God, including
its Old Testament background, the place of miracles, and an examination of Jesus' parables.

Ideal for college or seminary students, the volumes provide numerous maps and charts, as well as discussion questions for each chapter and a focus on real-life relevance and application. Forthcoming volumes will focus on Paul (Vol. 2) and the general epistles and Revelation (Vol. 3).
Author Bio
Mark J. Keown (Th.D., Laidlaw College) is a senior lecturer in New Testament at Laidlaw College in Auckland, NZ and is the author of Congregational Evangelism in Philippians as well as numerous essays and journal articles. He is also an ordained minister and served at Greenlane Presbyterian Church from 1997 to 2003.