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Embracing Followership

A Discussion Guide for Teams & Small Groups

Allen Hamlin Jr.

152 pages
Lexham Press

We live in a leader-centric culture. But what if leadership isn't our goal? Can we use our skills to perform with excellence-as followers?

In Embracing Followership, Allen Hamlin Jr. showed that you don't need to be a leader to make a difference.

In this 16-part study guide to the book, you'll discover what following well looks like in your own life-unpacking key themes from Embracing Followership and looking to role models in the Bible for guidance on how to thrive as a follower. Additional discussion questions will also spark conversation among leaders and followers walking through the guide in a group setting.

Author Bio
Allen Hamlin Jr. serves with an international Christian nonprofit organization, providing team development training and consultation, along with mentoring and member care to multi-ethnic teams serving around the world.