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Proxy War

300 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc

In the upcoming global showdown, the U.S. confronts a new enemy on the battlefield: Artificial Intelligence.

In the heart of Central Asia, a strategic power play unfolds as the People's Republic of China extends its military might. Under the pretext of protecting their Belt-and-Road projects, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) gains a stronghold in the region. Against this invasion, a courageous band of freedom fighters is the only challenge to the PLA forces.

On this geopolitical chessboard, the newly-elected U.S. President wants to make a bold statement against Chinese expansionism. Don Riley, recently appointed CIA Director of Operations, is chosen to spearhead the critical mission.

Don launches a clandestine CIA operation to aid the freedom fighters, but as the losses pile up, he realizes they are fighting a new enemy. The PLA harbors a secret weapon - Foresight, a quantum-powered battlefield AI. This advanced system anticipates and counters the resistance's moves with chilling precision, pushing Don to the edge. With each passing day, as Foresight's surveillance net widens, the window for effective resistance narrows.

Don and his team put everything on the line. As the resistance draws the PLA into a decisive final battle, he launches a covert team. Their mission: neutralize Foresight.

Proxy War, the thrilling finale of the acclaimed Command and Control series by ex-submarine officer David Bruns and former naval intelligence officer J.R. Olson, is a high-octane military adventure. A must-read for aficionados of Tom Clancy and Mark Greaney.

Author Bio
J.R. Olson graduated from Annapolis in May of 1990 with a BS in History. He served as a naval intelligence officer, retiring in March of 2011 at the rank of commander. His assignments during his 21-year career included duty aboard aircraft carriers and large deck amphibious ships, participation in numerous operations around the world, to include Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, and Afghanistan, and service in the U.S. Navy in strategic-level Human Intelligence (HUMINT) collection operations as a CIA-trained case officer. J.R. earned an MA in National Security and Strategic Studies at the U.S. Naval War College in 2004, and in August of 2018 he completed a Master of Public Affairs degree at the Humphrey School at the University of Minnesota. Today, J.R. often serves as a visiting lecturer, teaching national security courses in Carleton College's Department of Political Science, and hosts his radio show, National Security This Week, on KYMN Radio in Northfield, Minnesota.

David Bruns earned a Bachelor of Science in Honors English from the United States Naval Academy. (That's not a typo. He's probably the only English major you'll ever meet who took multiple semesters of calculus, physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, naval architecture, and weapons systems just so he could read some Shakespeare. It was totally worth it.) Following six years as a US Navy submarine officer, David spent twenty years in the high-tech private sector. A graduate of the prestigious Clarion West Writers Workshop, he is the author of over twenty novels and dozens of short stories. Today, he co-writes contemporary national security thrillers with retired naval intelligence officer, J.R. Olson.