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White Alert

A Prosecution Force Thriller

332 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc

As America bleeds, one man's relentless chase for the world's deadliest terrorist begins.

In the wake of gut-wrenching terrorist attacks across the American heartland, the Prosecution Force-led by relentless black ops specialist Reed Montgomery-is entrusted with one objective: capturing Abdel Ibrahim. Known as the world's number one terrorist, Ibrahim has eluded them before.

Following leads to Beirut, a city mired in chaos and distrust, the stakes are raised. Every alley hides danger, and every contact could be a potential traitor. Just when Reed believes they have their man cornered, Ibrahim vanishes, leaving behind a chilling clue-a weapon, more devastating than anything they've ever encountered.

Tracing him to London's shadowy streets, Reed and his team must navigate a web of deception, betrayal, and looming threats. With time running out and Ibrahim's next strike imminent, the Prosecution Force finds themselves in a deadly race against a ticking clock.

Terror knows no boundaries. But neither does the determination of the Prosecution Force.

Author Bio

Logan Ryles was born in small town USA and knew from an early age he wanted to be a writer. After working as a pizza delivery driver, sawmill operator, and banker, he finally embraced the dream and has been writing ever since. With a passion for action-packed and mystery-laced stories, Logan's work has ranged from global-scale political thrillers to small town vigilante hero fiction.

Beyond writing, Logan enjoys saltwater fishing, road trips, sports, and fast cars. He lives with his wife and three fun-loving dogs in Alabama.