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The Lazarus Protocol

224 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc

A brutal fight for global domination.
A desperate race to save humanity.
One unlikely team fighting against extinction.

Fans of The Expanse will enjoy this gripping, edge-of-your-seat first book in the award winning SYNCORP Saga!

Where some see crisis, others see opportunity...

With a planetary disaster on the horizon, Colonel William Graves has been ordered on a bold and highly classified mission. Teamed with a brilliant billionaire, a lunar engineer, and a disgraced veteran, they must race against the clock to save humanity, or risk extinction.

But while some believe mankind's future lies amongst the stars, others seek to pursue a different solution: the subjugation of life itself. And as tensions mount, pitting factions against each other, global disasters continue to ravage the planet and the team soon finds itself asking one very important question: Who can they really trust?

In an epic story of action, political intrigue, and betrayal, there's opportunity among the chaos. and a clock ticking down to humanity's final hour.


Praise for The Lazarus Protocol:

"Characters you'll love, action that'll keep you turning pages..." -Rhett C. Bruno, USA Today bestselling author

"...sends you headfirst into a fantastic story of intrigue, conspiracy, and science fiction." -Tom Abrahams, author of The Alt Apocalypse

"...a superbly crafted, gripping story..." -Jason Anspach & Nick Cole, bestselling author team of Galaxy's Edge

Author Bio
David Bruns is a former officer on a nuclear-powered submarine turned high-tech executive turned speculative-fiction writer. He mostly writes sci-fi/fantasy and military thrillers. He resides in Minnesota. Chris Pourteau is a technical writer and editor by day, a writer of original fiction and editor of short story collections by night (or whenever else he can find the time). He lives in College Station, Texas.