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Dead Man Launch

446 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc

"John J. Gobbell is the John Le Carré of Naval thrillers." -John Lehman, Former Secretary of the Navy

The year is 1968, and global upheaval is the norm.

As the war rages in Southeast Asia, a US traitor sells top-secret codes to the Soviet Union.

Then a Soviet submarine disappears in the North Pacific...and as the Russians mobilize to find it, a US nuclear submarine goes missing as well.

Vice Admiral Todd Ingram is caught in the morass-and so is his son, Navy Lieutenant Jerry Ingram.

Both men are thrust into a web of alliances and betrayal in search of answers...and a truth that could save the world from a major disaster.


Praise for John J. Gobbell and DEAD MAN LAUNCH:

"These novels...benefit from the real experiences of an author who did active service as a surface warfare officer." -U.S. Naval Institute Press

"Dead Man Launch brilliantly brings to life an era when mankind teetered on the brink of Armageddon and promises to keep the reading lamp lit into the wee hours." -Quarterdeck Magazine


What readers are saying:

????? "Gobbell is to the US Navy as W. E. B. Griffin is to the US Army..."

????? "This is the first of John Gobbell's novels I've read, but it definitely won't be the last."

????? "Never thought I would see an author cover the Navy so well, but he has done just that. Bravo Zulu John J. Gobbell!!!"

Author Bio
JOHN J. GOBBELL is a former Navy Lieutenant who saw duty as a destroyer weapons officer. His ship served in the South China Sea, granting him membership in the exclusive Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club. As an executive recruiter, his clients included military/commercial aerospace companies giving him insight into character development under a historical thriller format.  An award-winning author, John has published eight novels. The books in his popular Todd Ingram series are based on the U.S Navy in the Pacific theater of World War II. John and his wife Janine live in Newport Beach, California.