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Edge of Valor

440 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc


"Gobbell's sea tales featuring Commander Todd Ingram will have you looking up your nearest Navy recruiter." -Nelson DeMille, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

Todd Ingram has just saved his ship from a kamikaze raid.

While seeking repairs in Okinawa, he hears news of the war's end...and then receives mysterious orders to defuse an imminent Soviet attack. In the process, he is to rescue a Red Cross representative with irrefutable proof of Japanese war crimes.

The assignment brings him face-to-face with a Soviet adversary from his past-and a Japanese garrison determined to stop him.

Three weeks ago Todd was fighting the Japanese, and the Russians were supposed to be his ally. Now he doesn't know who to trust....and as his shipmates prepare to return to their loved ones, Todd's war continues.


Praise for John J. Gobbell and EDGE OF VALOR:

"Edge of Valor is John Gobbell at his finest, with a rapidly-paced historical thriller that will have readers turning pages at a furious rate. His portrayal of the war years in the Pacific and on the home front is brilliant and authentic down to the last detail." -Quarterdeck

"Far better than a yarn. Edge of Valor has vivid historical characters and heart. Like no other historical novel, it brings to life the new world order that followed World War II and is still emerging as the cause of turmoil in the western Pacific continues to shift." -Seth Cropsey, author of Mayday: The Decline of American Naval Supremacy

"John Gobbell's latest book, Edge of Valor, is another triumph in this series. It is historical fiction at its best. He is a master of the details of the battle actions of our World War II destroyers and extends his tale to include the beginning of the Cold War with the Soviet Union." -Rear Adm. Hank McKinney, USN (Ret.), author of Flotsam & Jetsam


What readers are saying:

????? "Great novel with lots of history."

????? "Jack brings history alive in a very entertaining and informative way."

????? "Great yarn, Fills in the logistical blanks regarding the days before the Formal Japanese Surender."

Author Bio
JOHN J. GOBBELL is a former Navy Lieutenant who saw duty as a destroyer weapons officer. His ship served in the South China Sea, granting him membership in the exclusive Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club. As an executive recruiter, his clients included military/commercial aerospace companies giving him insight into character development under a historical thriller format.  An award-winning author, John has published eight novels. The books in his popular Todd Ingram series are based on the U.S Navy in the Pacific theater of World War II. John and his wife Janine live in Newport Beach, California.