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When Duty Whispers Low

440 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc

"Dramatic . convincing historical detail that really distinguishes this [novel] from the competition." -Publisher's Weekly

The US Navy has won Guadalcanal.

But a brilliant Japanese admiral will stop at nothing to get it back.

He already masterminded the Pearl Harbor attacks. And to seize Guadalcanal, he has a far more devastating plan...one that will call upon every Japanese military asset in the Pacific.

The Allies have top secret technology that has never been used. Its effectiveness is uncertain. But for Lieutenant Commander Todd Ingram, it may be his only hope.

In a desperate battle against an onslaught of Japanese air raids, Todd must fight with everything he has-even if it means turning friends into enemies. If he fails, the US Navy won't just lose Guadalcanal...it will be crippled forever.


Praise for John J. Gobbell and WHEN DUTY WHISPERS LOW:

"The battle scenes are frequent, straightforward, and realistic. Gobbell knows how to keep the story moving." -Library Journal


What readers are saying:

????? "Like it's predecessors, this book is outstanding."

????? "Best sea novel since "Time and Tide" by Thomas Fleming."

????? "I pledge to read everything and anything this master craftsman writes."

????? "Haze grey and underway. Tin can sailors will love the book. Great sea/air battle scenes and lots of them. John puts you right in the action."

????? "If you enjoy your novels featuring sea battles -e.g. the Hornblower series, etc.- you will enjoy this book. It is not your ordinary sea action story. It is a well written, literary fiction."

Author Bio
JOHN J. GOBBELL is a former Navy Lieutenant who saw duty as a destroyer weapons officer. His ship served in the South China Sea, granting him membership in the exclusive Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club. As an executive recruiter, his clients included military/commercial aerospace companies giving him insight into character development under a historical thriller format.  An award-winning author, John has published eight novels. The books in his popular Todd Ingram series are based on the U.S Navy in the Pacific theater of World War II. John and his wife Janine live in Newport Beach, California.