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The Truthful Witness

326 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc

The line between truth and deception is as thin as a razor's edge.

Determined to enjoy the pace of small-town life, lawyer Sam Johnstone has left his painful past behind and looks forward to taking each new day as it comes. Yet just as he sees peace and tranquility on the horizon, a close friend is charged with murder. Unable to stand quietly by, Sam quickly signs on for the defense.

But how can he defend a client who has already confessed to the crime?

Further complicating matters, an ethically-challenged prosecutor with an ax to grind seems embarked on a personal crusade against Sam.

Now, in a case that seems doomed from the start, Sam must risk his reputation, his livelihood, and more to help a friend in need. But how far is he willing to go to uncover the shocking truth?


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Author Bio
Wall Street Journal bestselling author James Chandler spent his formative years in the western United States. When he wasn't catching fish or footballs, he was roaming centerfield and trying to hit the breaking pitch. After a mediocre college baseball career, he exchanged jersey No. 7 for camouflage issued by the United States Army, which he wore around the globe and with great pride for twenty years. Since law school, he has favored dark suits and a steerhide briefcase. When he isn't working or writing, he'll likely have a fly rod, shotgun or rifle in hand. He and his wife are blessed with two wonderful adult daughters. Misjudged is his first novel.