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The Scars of Battle

304 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc

Flung to the far corners of the earth, the Cooper family fights for survival in a world devastated by war.

Locked in a gut-wrenching struggle against a desperate and relentless enemy, Clyde Cooper and his team of vaunted paratroopers engage in a bloody campaign that pushes each man to his limits. The war may have begun as an idyllic romp in Australia—but the terrifying reality has now become inescapable.

Meanwhile, Clyde’s cousin Shawn fights in Burma alongside the shadowy OSS. Their hallmark brutality leaves him shaken, but it may be the only thing that can keep him alive.

Back home, Abby rediscovers her knack as a pilot. Her job could help turn the tide of the war—but can she risk everything in the line of duty?

And for Frank, each day is a grim battle to stay alive. As a POW deep in enemy-occupied territory he focuses every effort on undermining his Japanese captors. But his strength is wearing thin, and his sanity hangs in the balance.

The Cooper family is separated by thousands of miles and an overwhelming conflict that threatens to leave the world in ruins. But their determination, ingenuity, and shared purpose will unite them as they persevere against all odds.

As a powerful tale of courage, hope, and survival, the third book in A Time to Serve is an epic WWII historical fiction novel that brings the Pacific Theatre to life with gritty and authentic detail. The Scars of Battle is perfect for fans of Jeff Shaara and Ken Follett.

Author Bio
Chris Glatte graduated from the University of Oregon with a BA in English Literature and worked as a river guide/kayak instructor for a decade before training as an Echocardiographer. He worked in the medical field for over 20 years, and now writes full time. Chris is the author of multiple historical fiction thriller series, including Tark's Ticks, a set of popular WWII novels. He lives in Southern Oregon with his wife, two boys, and ever-present Labrador, Hoover. When he’s not writing or reading, Chris can be found playing in the outdoors—usually on a river or mountain.