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Material Encounters between Jews and Christians

From the Silk and Spice Routes to the Highlands of Ethiopia

335 pages
Amsterdam University Press

This book demonstrates the potential of material culture, including artworks and archaeological finds, to shed new light on Jewish-Christian interaction in medieval and early modern times. Previous studies have focused on areas where Jews lived as a minority under Christian rule, such as in Western Europe and the Byzantine Empire. This book, on the other hand, explores the eastern Mediterranean to Central Asia, the Red Sea and India, where Jews and Christians interacted on a different footing.

Author Bio
Bar Kribus ========== Bar Kribus is an archaeologist at Tel Aviv University specializing in Late Antique to Early Modern Ethiopia and the archaeology, history, and historical geography of the Betä Ǝsraʾel (Ethiopian Jews). Zaroui Pogossian ================

Zaroui Pogossian is associate professor of Byzantine Civilization at Florence University, focusing on medieval Armenia in the context of wider Eurasian processes. She is the principal investigator of the ERC project Armenia Entangled: Connectivity and Cultural Encounters in Medieval Eurasia, 9th-14th Centuries.

Alexandra Cuffel ================ Alexandra Cuffel is professor of Jewish Religion at the Ruhr University Bochum. Her research focuses on medieval Jewish–Christian–Muslim relations in Europe and the Middle East.