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The Worst Wizard: Ghost Magic

The Worst Wizard 2

112 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

After helping defeat the Dragon-Witch, Ned can't hide that he's a  Wizzie anymore and year 2 of Battle School will be even more of an adventure.

Between having to fight magic tigers, the Yeti Babies, and the Knights, Ned and Saraja have their hands full. Dragonfire, Cull's magical talking sword, and Elena's new Fairy Godmother aren't helping things get back to normal any time soon. But that's ok, because Ned and Saraja are getting pretty good at Ghost Magic and Ned can just Ghost-Punch his way out of problems.

That is, until Toroken, a mysterious ghost wizard with an even more mysterious ghost fighting for him, crashes the Queen's birthday party to steal Dragonfire from Cull. When Ned and Saraja jump to protect Cull, Toroken challenges Ned to a Ghost Duel. The rules are simple: If Ned loses, Toroken gets Ned's Haunting with Saraja.

Before Ned can say "Dragon fart" he finds himself in his biggest adventure yet to save Saraja, his friends, and the entire Kingdom. Along the way, he meets more ghosts, gets slammed into at least three Standing Stones, gets slapped by a goddess, and, for the worst part, discovers that he and Saraja are even more magical than he feared.