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Grow, Seed, Grow!

12 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

Grow, Seed, Grow! Little gardeners will bury the seed, water and care for it, and make the plant grow in this 3-D interactive board book about plants.

Toddlers will learn all about the how plants grow with their own hands as they move a seed to the ground, cover it will soil, water it with metal can, giving it plant food, watching the sun warm it, and then turning a clock to make the plant grow.

One little seed wild and free, blows into the sky and twirls with the breeze. Move it to the ground nice and slow. Let’s make this little seed grow, grow, grow!

Lift-the-flaps, spinners, and pull tabs do all the movement so little kids can find out how important plants are to our environment!

Author Bio

A lover of all things fairytale, Caroline Derlatka has always believed in magic. She grew up creating fantastical worlds in her head-places filled with unicorns that would give her rides over ribbon rainbows, giant hares that would lead her through cotton candy clouds, and mermaids that would swim with her into the deep. She is a constant dreamer with a million ideas and about eight hundred big plans. After living in Los Angeles for twenty years, she now splits her time with her husband, son, and cat between the shores of Flathead Lake, Montana, and the green hills of Nashville, Tennessee. When You Open A Book is her debut publication. To find out more about her other projects, which all benefit various charities, visit her online at carolinederlatka.com.