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Let's Learn the Colors

A Color-Changing Bath Book

6 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

Rub-a-Dub… COLORS!

Books in the bathtub? Yes, please! While your little one scrubs off the day, let them lather on some science simultaneously! In this adorable bath book, kids will learn about reds, blues, and yellows (and what happens when you mix them!) with amazing, color-changing illustrations.

Just dip the pages in water (How could you not? You’re in the tub!) and watch colors mix and change tones and hues before your very eyes. And what’s even more magical, when the book dries, the artwork disappears!

Kids will beg to take the plunge again and again, practicing reading while learning about the basic colors, color mixing, warm and cool hues, and more on the pages of this squishy, vinyl bath book. And parents will love that its easily cleaned with a soapy cloth, ready for repeat readings!