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The Worst Wizard

Awkward Magic

112 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

Invading hordes, smoochy old ladies, a minotaur for a gym coach—how many archenemies can one twelve-year-old have? If you’re Ned, a lot, apparently.

By the time he flies his underpants up the castle flagpole, Ned is well on his way to becoming the greatest legend—or nuisance—the kingdom has ever seen. So instead of being sent to Battle School to become a knight, Ned gets packed off to Magic School. Which would be fine, except that there’s magic. Lots of magic. Too much magic. And Ned hates magic. Trouble is, it’s up to him and a *magic* sword to save the kingdom—and he’s not great with either. 

Introducing The Worst Wizard, the epic tale of Ned’s first—and maybe last—heroic exploits. Part Wimpy Kid, part The Sword in the Stone, Ned’s adventure is the stuff of legend. Will it end in ruin? Triumph? A pile of poopy hedgehogs? Only time, and that weird one-eyed cat, can tell.