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Too Many Hugs

A Book About Consent

32 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

"The story's gentle humor and warm, friendly illustrations make this book a welcome SEL tool for homes and classrooms."-Elizabeth Verdick, author of the "Best Behavior" series (Teeth Are Not for Biting, Voices Are Not for Yelling, Words Are Not for Hurting)

Sticky hugs. Tight hugs. Smooching hugs. Too MANY hugs! Theo loves his family, but too many hugs is, well, too many.

"When he feels overhugged, Theo takes action..The important message about bodily autonomy is clearly stated and further articulated for parents in the backmatter.given that all children should learn to ask before giving a hug and to expect the same from others, it's one that many little ones will benefit from reading."-Kirkus Reviews

In this adorable-but important-book on consent, Theo teaches his family about the need for respect and personal boundaries. After a day of too many hugs, he writes his five rules for hugging and puts them on the refrigerator. When Grandma comes in for a smacking, smooching hug, she sees the rules and stops. "How about a hug?" she asks. Theo can't wait to say, "YES!"

Why does consent matter? Research shows that helping kids learn to take charge of their bodies and decide for themselves what is welcome (or unwelcome) touch is a critical step to empowering them against abuse. Asking-not demanding-a hug from a child teaches him that he matters as a person and that he is as deserving of respect as a grownup.

Too Many Hugs is a funny, powerful way to get that life-changing lesson started!