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24 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

The story of Cinderella gets a Truck Tales twist!

For kids who love all things cars and trucks comes the latest in the Truck Tales series! Cylinderella lives with the three meanest trucks in all the land: Olga, Holga, and Helga. All day long, she scrubs Olga's floors, shines Helga's hubcaps, and cleans Helga's cylinders (yuck!). When King Carburetor announces the Royal Car Show, surely Cylinderella won't be allowed to attend-that is, not until the Fairy Rod Mother has something to say about it. Oooooogaaaa! Cylinderella is whisked to the show, where the kingdom discovers that what's inside a person is more important than a shiny coat of paint. 

Find more truck twists on all your favorite fairytales, including:

  • Hansel and Diesel
  • The Three Little Rigs
  • and more!

Each book is constructed of sturdy, durable board, perfect for little hands and fingers. With magical illustrations and easy-to-read type, this is one tale you'll be asked to read again and again!