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Mindful Magic

30 Easy Meditations for Calm Kids

Christy Monson

32 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

Mindfulness and meditation are powerful tools—especially for kids!

In Mindful Magic, parents, caregivers, and teachers will find thirty simple meditations that kids can use to feel more calm, more loved, more grateful, and more at peace. Written by therapist Christy Monson, each meditation takes only a few minutes and includes deep breathing, relaxation, and positive affirmations. In a world with increasing demands on our children—technology, busy schedules, social pressures—research shows early routines with mindfulness help build flexibility, resiliance, and positive self-esteem. Plus, it feels great!

Accompanied by colorful, charming watercolor illustrations, meditations are organized into several easy-to-use sections and include:

  • Blow a Feather
  • Apple Blossom Snow
  • Flower Power
  • Watching The Waves
  • Whispering Forest
  • Blue Lake
  • Yellow Sun
  • Red Lighthouse
  • Gray Seagull
  • Squiggle Drawings
  • Nature Songs
  • Building Blocks
  • Monkey Face
  • Slithering Snake
  • Gliding Manta Ray
  • Baby Elephant Trot
  • Alligator Snap
  • Self-Connection
  • Thought-Connections
  • Far-Away Connections
  • and more!