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200 Spells for the Young Witch & Wizard

Brand New Spells, Jinxes, Curses, and Other Incantations for the Harry Potter Fan!

Kilkenny Knickerbocker

212 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

Kids, amaze your friends, confound your enemies, and impress your professors with 200 NEW spells, curses, jinxes, and other incantations.

Each spell comes with a detailed pronunciation guide and diagram for how to wave your wand, plus hilarious warnings on what can, uh, go wrong.

For example:

REGINASINGA: A handy jinx to make one involuntarily hum "God Save the Queen" every time they see the Union Jack or a member of the royal family. This was a very popular jinx during Victorian times, but it grew a bit tedious for royals who had to hear it if they stuck out so much as a nose in public.

VERSASEMPRA: For all eternity, for all time, this spell will make one speak in rhyme. Potentially useful, but the side effects are most unpleasant-especially when it forces one to say things like "How do you do? You smell just like poo."

Add these 200 spells to your Harry Potter favorites and win every duel!

Warning: For magical folk only. Do not attempt if you prefer airplanes over brooms or if owls make you sneeze.