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The Little Book of North American Mammals

A Guide to North America’s Mammals, from Bears to Bison

Forrest Everett

96 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

Discover the remarkable world of North American mammals in one compact book!

The Little Book of North American Mammals, part of the Little Library of Natural History, introduces kids to dozens of North America’s most fascinating creatures with details about their habitats, diets, lifespans, and more.

Gorgeous vintage artwork by some of the world’s most enduring nature illustrators fill this irresistible volume.

From the book:

Perhaps no North American animal is quite as impressive up close as a fullyantlered bull moose. Moose (Alces alces) are the largest members of the deer family and are often six to seven feet tall at the shoulders. Including the head and antlers, they can tower ten feet high, stretch eight to ten feet in length, and weigh up to 1,800 pounds—in other words, they’re huge! With a long, homely face and a droopy upper lip, a moose’s face looks rather like a horse’s (they’re not related). Since they have such long, lanky legs, moose appear to be walking on stilts, giving them a clumsy appearance. But don’t be fooled—they can run up to thirty-five miles per hour and can easily run you down. These animals don’t mind the cold, even extreme cold, though they do get hot and bothered by warm temperatures. Since moose easily overheat, their range is limited to colder, more northerly places.