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God Is Crazy About You

philip Milano

131 pages
Crosslink Publishing

Did you know God has crafted the entire universe in order for your unique qualities to shine? In a world filled with jealousy, competition, and doubt, the key to our fulfillment lies within how God has created us. Each one of us have been crafted for something unique and special by God for a purpose. Once we discover our gifting through the Holy Spirit and learn how to view ourselves through the lens of God, we are able to reach new heights in our lives and live in harmony with those around us.

In this book you will discover how God is so crazy about you that He has done everything to give you an amazing future suited perfectly for your strengths. Discover everything from how worship is designed to be a perfect expression of your heart to the amazing power of embracing your unique passions.

Philip Milano has been starting churches throughout Asia and leading people to discover their unique and amazing gifts that God has created them with. Through years of first-hand experience leading atheists and Christians alike to discover their unique place within God's Kingdom, take the next step in your walk with God and find out how crazy He is about you.

Author Bio
Philip has been spreading the gospel in Asia for ten years in four different countries. He has planted two churches and has helped people learn about their status as children of God. He is also inspiring business leaders of God’s majesty through business.