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Brett Wilson and De Soto's Cross

215 pages
Crosslink Publishing

The hunt for Cibola continues as Brett Wilson returns home from the canyons of New Mexico ready to locate her missing father. With the information from Dr. Mies, Brett ventures into the mountains of Tennessee in search of the mystical cross of de Soto.

If she can find the cross, the doorway to Cibola can be opened. Rock Wilson’s life hangs in the balance as Brett races across Tennessee with her best friend Natalie. They will use her dad’s field book once again to uncover the clues hidden inside. Unfortunately, she isn’t the only one looking for the relic and the door to Cibola.

Author Bio
John V. Suter is an author and teacher who enjoys a good treasure hunt. He lives on a farm in Sale Creek, Tennessee with his wife and two children.