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You Got Style

How Discovering Your Personal Style Impacts Your Faith, Family, Finances & Much More

Rick McDaniel

261 pages
Crosslink Publishing

Understand Your Style and the Style of Others

When you hear the word style, you usually think of fashion. But there is much more to style than the clothes we wear. People are different and look at situations differently. These distinctions influence opinions and behaviors producing a variety of styles.

Learning about your styles and the styles of others can increase happiness, generate success and reduce conflict in your life. And this is exactly what this book will help you do.

Discovering your personal style can help you understand why you do certain things, why you react in particular ways and why others act the way they do. These styles involve the most important aspects of our lives including relationships, family, faith, finances, work and more.

You'll learn how styles impact virtually every aspect of your life.

• Understand how Financial & Time Styles can enhance your marriage
• Discern Spiritual & Faith Styles to enrich your spiritual life
• Identify Parenting & Decision Styles to benefit your family
• Discover Work & Leadership Styles that bring you success in your career
• Understand how Thinking & Learning Styles can maximize your intellect

Author Bio
Rick McDaniel is a noted writer, inspirational speaker and church leader. He has written six previous books.