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Justice Revealed

A Cop Discovers God’s Impartial Fairness

Jim McNeff

190 pages
Crosslink Publishing

Have you ever tried to make sense of the world and the things that happen to you? Try being a cop! Things they see on a daily basis can be frustrating, discouraging, scary, and sometimes downright horrifying.

Yet, in the midst of seeing humanity at its worst, they are privileged to see light and love demonstrated in ways that give them hope.

How does a God of ultimate justice put up with so much injustice in the world? How can we as His children find His peace, joy, perspective, truth, and justice amidst a broken humanity? These questions and more are answered.

Justice Revealed offers you forty-four short devotional thoughts that uniquely weave insights from the frontlines of police service and the criminal justice system with the Bible and the timeless truths of God's Word. Readers will travel from the squad room to the local church while covering relevant issues like teen pregnancy, cultural snares, and practical elements of faith.

Our lives are filled with events that bring a smile and laughter, yet occasionally tears and sorrow as well. The personal studies hit each component with genuine revelations.

Through authenticity and a touch of humor, author Jim McNeff shares insights into life, living, and the certainty of God's Word in ways that perhaps you've never considered. Jesus frequently taught in parables to demonstrate truth. McNeff has learned from the Master and uses vignettes, allegories, and a variety of illustrations from his career as a police commander to drive home godly principles. They are powerful, practical, and appeal to people in all walks of life.

These insights will inspire you to live higher and with more confidence and conviction that it is God who is at work in you both to will and to do His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13)!

Author Bio
Jim McNeff served in the USAF and civilian law enforcement for thirty-one years. He retired as a police lieutenant from Southern California. Jim previously authored The Spirit behind Badge 145 and contributes articles to various publications. He ministers to the law enforcement community from his website, www.badge145.com.