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Cartón de la exhibición contiene 80 planificadores, 2020 Planificador - Tesoros de Sabiduría

20 planificadores cada uno de 4 tipos

5120 pages
Compass Productions Inc
Una pantalla de mostrador de venta minorista que contiene 80 planificadores que se pueden vender individualmente. Adecuado para librerías, bibliotecas, escuelas o en cualquier lugar donde se venden libros.
Author Bio
Jessie Richards grew up across 10 countries in Europe, South America, and Asia, where her parents were teachers and social workers. She has compiled, edited, or authored a variety of spiritual and personal growth-themed publications and articles during her career as a writer, editor, and project manager for various publishing houses as well as nonprofit organizations. She now resides in New York City, and some of her favorite things to do are read old classics and go for long walks.