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Bible Basics - Foundations of Faith

The ultimate topical Bible guide

John Lee

352 pages
Compass Productions Inc
The answers to life's greatest mysteries can all be found in a single book—the world's all-time bestseller—the Bible. But sometimes just the thought of piecing those answers together from the Bible's 31,000 verses can seem more daunting than a giant jigsaw puzzle. Where do you start? Bible Basics— Foundations of Faith makes it simple!

Discover in a matter of minutes what the Bible has to say about:
  • Love and forgiveness
  • Salvation
  • Prayer
  • Faith
  • How to succeed with people
  • How to find the will of God
  • Overcoming troubles and temptations
  • Comfort in times of crisis
  • The Endtime
  • Christian service
  • Or any of the nearly 200 other topics covered in the Bible
Bible Basics' thorough content and user-friendly format make this one of the best Bible study guides ever produced.
Author Bio
John Lee spent most of his adult life working in the Far East-China, Hong Kong, and Macau where he oversaw the production of a variety of Christian study books and Bible guides. Having studied the Bible in depth since his teenage years, he was able to use his Bible knowledge and experience in Christian service to help develop the Bible Basics study guides. He currently resides in trhe U.S.