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The Treasure of Joy

Take a pause from your busy life to read and be encouraged by the anecdotes, reflections, poems, scriptures, and quotations on the treasures of joy.

Gabriel Garcia Valdivieso

68 pages
Compass Productions Inc
Happiness is one of life's essentials. It turns our journey through this world, with all of its obligations and cares, into a colorful adventure.

Joy is key to healthy living, peace of heart and mind, successful relationships, and even good business. There is evidence that people who radiate happiness multiply their possibilities of success. It is a precious commodity to be cultivated, cared for—and spread around! Indeed, it is one of the few things that multiplies and grows when shared with others.

This collection of anecdotes, quotes, poems, and reflections will facilitate the growth of a strong robust plant of joy in your soul.
Author Bio
Gabriel Garcia Valdivieso is a Bible teacher who has devoted his time to editing and translating (English to Spanish) books on spiritual growth and apologetics. He resides in Santiago, Chile, with his wife, Sally Fitzhugh Garcia.