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Different Kinds of Fruits

Bible Wisdom and Fun for Today!

Ivan Gouveia

32 pages
Compass Productions Inc
Based on Galatians 5:22-23, Different Kinds of Fruit presents an amazing fruit shake of virtues through learning about the nine fruits of God's Spirit in a way that is both fun and easy to understand. In the Big Thoughts for Little Minds series, key Bible passages are brought to life in a relatable way for young children. Each of the 5 books in this series features lively illustrations for each page and discussion topics for each book which are designed to to help young children understand the practical application of the scriptures.
Author Bio
Ivan Gouveia is a freelance writer. His first experience with storytelling began with the birth of his son, Ethan, whom he would put to sleep every night with an original story. In 2006, he secured a job at a publishing house in England, where he nurtured his passion for conveying ethical values to children through writing. After participating in several international publication projects and attending a few international book fairs, he ventured out to write his own children's series, which has been translated into 4 languages and sold in several countries. He holds a degree in business management. Gouveia currently lives in Rio de Janeiro, where he continues to pursue new horizons.