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Little talks with Jesus

Rhyming Prayers for Everyday Use

Christi Swannack

48 pages
Compass Productions Inc
A child's collection of easy to remember and catchy prayers prepared to be used often! Teaches children to communicate with Jesus as they would with a close friend or loved one. Each prayer is beautifully illustrated to help reinforce the theme of the prayer.
Author Bio
Life for Christi Swannack started out in a loving family on a farm near the small town of Lamont, Washington, surrounded by the wonders of God's world. Her favorite book during childhood was a book of prayers for children given to her by her aunt. Helping children learn to communicate with God is her passion and has been the focus of her life for the past thirty years. One of her all-time favorite quotes is "Life is its fullest when we live it hand in hand with our ever-loving God!"