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Jesus and Me

Jesus and Me series

Natalie Vela

64 pages
Compass Productions Inc
This devotional for children featuring messages from Jesus brings spiritual principles to a level that young children can easily understand and relate to. The messages are on themes such as waking up, bedtime, kindness, healthy habits, learning new things, guardian angels, and protection. It will help children understand the wonderful truth that Jesus is with them at all times, and that He knows and loves them in a very personal way. Each message from Jesus is accompanied by a beautiful illustration.
Author Bio
Natalie Vela has 15 years of writing and editing experience, starting in the year 2000. While she has written numerous articles for adults, which have been featured in publications in various languages, her love for children and her passion for early learning provide the inspiration for her children's stories. She is well travelled and has had the privilege of living for extended periods of time in India, Europe, and South America, which gives her a unique perspective and a broad understanding of multiple cultures. She has great interest in healthy living, and puts special attention on creating a natural environment in her home. Vela lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and two children.