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Confessions of a Very Private Pilot

A Jet Pilot's Humorous Life Story

David Miller Mike Ferris

225 pages
Aviation Supplies & Acad Inc

From University Aviation Press: Confessions of a Very Private Pilot delivers real-life advice from an owner-pilot on how to evaluate, purchase, train, and operate turbine and light jet aircraft. Each chapter is a story told in a lighthearted manner, complete with real life situations and humorous cartoon illustrations. Let David Miller entertain you with his quick wit and off-the-cuff remarks as he walks you through a lifetime of adventures—including his first airplane ride as a boy, obtaining his first type rating, and harrowing yet humor-filled accounts of flights gone awry.

Illustrated by Mike Ferrin, this 225-page compilation of stories and life lessons is certain to put a smile on your face. This is a must read for any pilot lusting for that newer, faster airplane, and a fun way to pass the time while traveling, vacationing, or relaxing at home.

[Five stars] "The best book I've ever read!" —Author David Miller

David Miller produced this book in its entirety and takes full responsibility for the content.

Author Bio

David Miller: David Miller earned his private pilot's license in 1968 and has owned and flown a variety of piston, turboprop, and jet aircraft for both business and personal use. An ATP with over 6,000 hours, David has written for several aviation publications and for the last five years, he has been writing the "On Final" monthly column for Twin and Turbine Magazine. He has spoken at aviation events including the NBAA Safety Stand Down. David currently flies a Citation CJ1+ from his home in Dallas. David and his wife Patty have two grown children and 2 grandchildren.